Climate Change Resolution

Climate Change Resolution

approved by the Brandeis faculty meeting

on October 20, 2017



Be it resolved that we, the faculty of Brandeis University, commend President Ron Liebowitz for joining other university presidents, governors, and local officials in signing the statement in support of the Paris Agreement on June 1. We also commend Provost Lisa Lynch for re-invigorating the campus sustainability campaign.

Be it resolved that we pledge to support the president and his team as Brandeis adopts increasingly ambitious climate action plans to help fulfill the statement’s commitment to “take forceful action” in support of “the global effort to hold warming to under 2°C.”

Recognizing the leadership role Brandeis University can play in modeling civic action and also the responsibility of the Trustees to protect and grow endowment funds, be it resolved that the Trustees are asked to develop and implement a strategy for ending our university’s investments in fossil fuels at the fastest pace that is consistent with our contractual commitments.